At GAK, our prime objective is customer satisfaction.  We are proud to work side by side with our clients to insure all our products are made and delivered in a timely manner, and are supported after purchase with readily available spare parts, technical support and all other client needs.

Our variety of warranties give our clients a chance to choose the right warranty plan for the products they are purchasing.

  • All GAK products are only subject to warranty with a valid warranty card including product name, serial number, and warranty duration.
  • GAK guarantees to repair, replace and fix all its products that are sold in good condition.
  • Any fault with GAK products arising within the first month of the warranty, if not fixed within one week after service request, is subject to full replacement of the same product free of charge.
  • Any GAK product intentionally damaged due to misuse or aggressive use under abnormal conditions, or repaired by any repair-center other than GAK certified centers, will be voided of all warranties.
  • All GAK products not visibly containing our hologram or serial number, either intentional or due to wear and tear, or not matching the serial number in the product warranty card, will not be subject to a warranty.
  • Any GAK products not operated in accordance with its user manual, will not be subject to a warranty.
  • All warranties are honored only with a valid warranty card matching the GAK product.
  • All costs arising due to transport of the warrantied product to-and-from our repair centers is solely the responsibility of the user and not covered by GAK.
  • Once repaired, GAK will only store the repaired product for a duration of three days, thereafter, GAK takes no responsibility for loss or any damaged caused to the product within our repair centers.
  • GAK only produces one warranty card per product and it is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure the safekeeping of the warranty card.
  • All GAK warranties are valid for a period of one year after the date of purchase.
  • Some GAK products, such as Share-Blades (made in IRAN), nails, and so on…, are subject to a lifetime warranty if not damaged beyond and in exception of normal wear-and-tear.
  • Outside of the product warranty, all repaired parts contain a separate one month satisfaction warranty.
  • All none or expired warranty products entering GAK repair centers are subject to an estimate and will only be repaired at the request and approval of the client.
  • All are prices are in Iranian Rails (IRR) and can be converted to US Dollars (USD) at the rate of 35,000IRR=1USD