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Established since 1983, and with over a century’s worth of experience in the Forging Industry and Agricultural Products, GAK is proudly a leader in the Steel, Farm Implements, and Metal Forging Industry.
Currently GAK, operating within 100,000 sq. m. of total space and 28,000 sq. m. of enclosed work space, is the largest producer of Farm Implements in Iran. With over 76 varieties of Moldboard Ploughs, Disk Harrows, Subsoilers, Reversible Ploughs, Offset Disks, Cultivators, and more… GAK is striving to help our local and international farmers with their agricultural needs.
With advanced and up-to-date equipment, latest computer software for research, development and implementation, GAK has found great success and has been able to establish a reliable and quality brand for its clients, making GAK the largest exporter of Farm Implements in IRAN.
Our manufacturing processes is accomplished by our team of 500 hardworking skilled workers, 100 technicians and 100 experts.
At GAK, Customer Satisfaction, Quality, and Professionalism are the basis for our success. With over 250 sales representatives nationwide, GAK strives to continuously improve and stay competitive in our market.
With our extensive knowledge in the Agricultural filed, experience in manufacturing Farming Implements, and our relentless efforts to manufacture high standard and quality products, feel assured to, Grow your business, Grow your fields, Grow the best crop… Grow with GAK.
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