Conventional Moldboard Plough (2 Plough)

Conventional Moldboard Plough (2 Plough) Factory gate prices : 600 $ US

  1. Flat bar Steel-Alloy frame. Dimensions: 30×90 mm
  2. All wearing parts are made of mangano-siliceous steel
  3. High Abrasion Resistant share blades, made by GAK, based on Bellota (Spain) design
  4. Teflon coated nuts and bolts, comply with German DIN standards
  5. Overload Damage Protection with shear bolts
  6. Wide Mount-Handle (Mast)
  7. Forged Crankshaft

Technical Specifications

Conventional Moldboard Plough 2
Power Requirements(hp) 50
Working Depth(cm) 30
Working Width (cm) 60
Distance between Ploughs(cm) 65
Total Weight(kg) 220