Mounted Chisel Plough-11, Roller

Mounted Chisel Plough-11, Roller Factory gate prices : 98.000.000

  1. High density square tube steel frame. Dimensions: 100x100x8 mm
  2. Adjustable / Replaceable Casted Shanks
  3. Chisel Points made of high abrasion resistant tempered steel
  4. Overload Damage Protection with shear bolts
  5. Equipped with weight adjustable Crumble Roller with clearing
  6. Adjustable Working Width
  7. Forged Steel-Alloy Crumble Roller Blades

Technical Specifications

11 – Shank, Mounted Shear Bolted Chisel Plough with Crumble Roller
Power Requirements(hp) 120
Working Depth(cm) 30
Working Width (cm) 310
Distance between Ploughs(cm) 30
Total Weight(kg) 1070