R-140 Disc Harrow, 28, 24”

R-140 Disc Harrow, 28, 24” Factory gate prices : 350.000.000

  1. High density square tube steel frame. Dimensions: 150x100x8 mm
  2. 2 high density square tube Disc Frames. Dimensions: 100x100x8 mm
  3. High Abrasion Resistant steel Discs, made by Bellota (Spain)
  4. Able to adjust Gang Angle while moving in 5 positions
  5. Square Steel Disc Shaft 40×40 mm
  6. Bearings include: 2 Roller Bearing and 4 Seals
  7. Equipped with 4 Imported large wide tires, and 15.3” rims, ideal for farms
  8. Equipped with Spring bumpers, Hydraulic system and accessories (able to transfer weight from front Discs to the rear Disks, with reduced vibration, while moving)
  9. Trailable with adjustable Disc width
  10. For Primary and Secondary Tillage use
  11. Distance between Discs: 230 mm
  12. Manufactured with Forged working parts

Technical Specifications

Heavy, Trailed Offset Disc Harrow R140 Frame, 28Disc24in
Disc Diameter (in) 24
Power Requirements (HP) 120
Working Depth (cm) 20
Working Width (cm) 305
Number of Bearings 8
Weight on each Disc (kg) 102
 Total Weight (kg) 2870