MIK Disc Harrow, 18, 22”

MIK Disc Harrow, 18, 22” Factory gate prices : 150.000.000

1-High density square tube steel frame. Dimensions: 80x80x8 mm

2-high density square tube Disc Frames. Dimensions: 60x60x6 mm

3-High Abrasion Resistant steel Discs, made by Bellota (Spain)

4-Able to adjust Gang Angle while moving

5-Square Steel Disc Shaft 30×30 mm

6-Bearings include: 2 Roller Bearing and 4 Seals

7-Includes 2 Tires

8-Equipped with Spring bumpers, Hydraulic system and accessories (able to transfer weight from front Discs to the rear Disks, with reduced vibration, while moving)

9-Trailable with adjustable Disc width

10-Distance between Discs: 230 mm

11-For Primary and Secondary Tillage use

12-Manufactured with Forged working parts

Technical Specifications

Light, Trailed Offset Disc Harrow MIK Frame, 18Disc22in
Disc Diameter (in) 22
Power Requirements (HP) 60
Working Depth (cm) 18/5
Working Width (cm) 190
Number of Bearings 6
Weight on each Disc (kg) 70
 Total Weight (kg) 1250